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Pop ARt ALien Invasion!

Decided to make a few GIFs while I work on the Spaceship and the Pop Art Astronaut for my latest music video for a soon to be revealed Electronic Music Artist. This is only part of the infrastructure of the ship.


A couple more shots from the new music video.


A few test shots from my latest music video for an Electronic Music Artist that I will reveal shortly.


Episode 7 SkyGlyderz - HOMONAUTS! The last episode of the GATEWAY Story-arch where the SkyGlyderz find out what’s really been terrorizing Rebekka and Emmerich

Pop Art Alien Invasion!
Part 2

Quick shots of my process from sketch to final product.

POP ART Alien Invasion!

I’m currently working on a music video for an electronic music artist that I will reveal shortly. It will be about an Alien Invasion in Pop Art style. These are a few shots of the Alien Girl Love Interest.

Batman Cape Test!

Testing out the look of the cape for my latest Batman vs Superman Parody. I’ll be at NYC Comicon Oct 10-12th if you want to check out my work.

Music Video for Country Music Artist Grayson

Just finished the animated music video for Nashville’s Country Music Artist Grayson. I had a lot of fun on this project I hope you enjoy. thanks for your support.


I’ll be strolling around sharing Art and stories with people Friday Oct 10-Sunday Oct 12 at New York Comicon. Hope to see you there.

Batman vs Superman

Test Profile Shots from my latest parody. Check out more from me on my YouYube Channel.

Batman Models

Testing out different outfits for Batman for my latest animation Batman vs Superman Parody. These are just Test Shots.


Working on the Batman and Superman Body Models for the Batman vs Superman Parody animation that I am doing.

Yaaaaaaaay!!! Animated GIFS

GIFS from my latest animation for Country Music Artist Grayson’s Music Video, Some of the locations are Australia,Santa Fe,LA in the morning.

Sneak Peek

Quick look at the Superman Face Model for my new parody animation of Batman vs Superman or is it the other way around. Ha ha..

SkyGlyderz Episode 6 - Nacho King 3000

The SkyGlyderz key in on the reasons for all the STRANGE things going on in the Hall of Happenings.