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Psychedelic Millennium Falcons for Star Wars the Empire Uncut.

I was doing 5 minute Millennium Falcon drawings last night at the Coachella Mojave Tent. So I was doing my version of the Falcon and needless to say was very popular with all the high people at the end of the night .

CD Cover for Woosley Band

A cover for 'Old Fins Out to Pasture' by the Woosley Band that I finished last night. I’ll post a link to where you can hear and buy the songs that are on it. The bottom picture is just a close up of the ‘Automated Alcohol Dispenser” that the Fish just can’t refuse. I’ll post more when I get the link to the CD. But BUY IT, IT’S GOOD! At least it better be. This crazy machine is going to be animated in a music video for one of their songs. When I find out I will UPDATE you on the details. Thanks for your support.

UPDATE- Here’s the link to Woosley Band’s New CD - Old Fins Out to Pasture.

Alien 8 legged walk cycle
A walk cycle form my short ‘How Aliens Fish’. This little guy will be on a 56 cities worldwide tour starting in July.

Alien 8 legged walk cycle

A walk cycle form my short ‘How Aliens Fish’. This little guy will be on a 56 cities worldwide tour starting in July.

A Spidey sketch I did for my little dude Arty that I met today at work.

Thought this was funny and it actually happened to me. Reproduced above for your viewing pleasure.

How Aliens Fish a Festival Short

by John Burness Jr.

Finally got all the Festival Dates with their locations and stuff for my 55 Cities Festival Tour for the animated short ‘How Aliens Fish’. Obviously I can’t be at all these and actually may only go to about 5 depending on time but if you are in one or know someone who lives in one of these Locales and would like to play Cool Person of the day and REP my short and possibly collect an award if I win. Then let me know! All of the locations on the list with the white dot next to them are places I have someone already or I am going to be there. Thanks everyone and message me if you can help out.


Episode 12 of BRAIN TEMPEST!

'True Friends'

Sometimes your friends can be your worst enemies.

Our Latest commercial for Doritos!

For the BOLD!

Our latest commercial involved making 3D Doritos and Ninjas. Who doesn’t like Doritos and Ninjas. It also pays homage to Samurai Jack.We had a great time putting this project together. even though it took us 5 Bags of Doritos Jacked to find the PERFECT CHIP we had fun eating all the Non-Perfect Chips.

Daryl Dixon

Daryl Dixon Head almost ready for facial rigging and inserting into the New Animation Daryl Dixon Walker Hunter. 


43 Cartoon Theme Song Mashup | Ensemble ACJW

Alright, Cartoon Hounds. There are 43 - 43! - cartoon themes here, including (hint) Adventure Time. How many can you name?

These are the final heads for Rick and Carol headed for facial rigging. For the animation Daryl Dixon Walker Hunter.  

Daryl Dixon Walker Hunter

New Animation. Out Next Week.

Finishing up the Facial Rigs for Beth and the Gang. Everything is looking really nice. Very Happy with how everything is turning out. To find out more and see some behind the scenes stuff follow me on my instagram at jburnessjr

One of the settings for the Animation Daryl Dixon Walker Hunter. Someone you love dies in the first episode Next Week!

Finishing up Karl for the new Animation Daryl Dixon Zombie Hunter. out next week!

New Animation from Arsenal Animation Studios

Daryl Dixon Zombie Hunter

This is Rick with his added dirt for his part in our latest animation.