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Batman Models

Testing out different outfits for Batman for my latest animation Batman vs Superman Parody. These are just Test Shots.


Working on the Batman and Superman Body Models for the Batman vs Superman Parody animation that I am doing.

Yaaaaaaaay!!! Animated GIFS

GIFS from my latest animation for Country Music Artist Grayson’s Music Video, Some of the locations are Australia,Santa Fe,LA in the morning.

Sneak Peek

Quick look at the Superman Face Model for my new parody animation of Batman vs Superman or is it the other way around. Ha ha..

SkyGlyderz Episode 6 - Nacho King 3000

The SkyGlyderz key in on the reasons for all the STRANGE things going on in the Hall of Happenings.

SkyGlyderz. Beat Board Pages

Kayne West

Doin an animation in the next day or so about Kanye. Stay Tuned. Check out our recently remodeled YouTube Channel and Subscribe if you like it.

Murder, Money and METALLICA - a story about GRASS

The latest short was thought up while cutting grass in my parents yard. I got to thinking about what the lawnmower was actually doing to the grass blades and hence this video short. It was kind of funny setting up the Sound Effects by pushing the lawnmower around while waiting for the perfect time to push it past the microphone. Thanks everyone for their support.

If You Need a Laugh Today

Check out our cartoons. They Funny!

SHOK World News with Blitz Kreiger handles a difficult moment when Dolphins Attack.

For more Subscribe to out YouTube Channel.

SKyGlyderz Episode 5 ‘Prunes’

New Episode!

Leonard tries to pinpoint the reasoning behind Emmerich’s sickening hands and emotional outbursts.

A Story About GRASS

NOT that type of Grass!

A New Animation about a Community of Grass Blades by John Burness Jr.

Doritos Commercial

Office Ninja

A commercial I did for Jacked Doritos in a Samurai Jack style.


Episode 4 ‘Where’s My Toothbrush

The SkyGlyderz search their Base “the Hall of Happenings’ to find what is disrupting their secret headquarters.

Episode 3 of SkyGlyderz ‘The Shadow People Have Arrived’

Strange things are taking place inside the SkyGlyderz secret base the Hall of Happenings.Tune in and found out.

Channel Frederator

Wanted to thanks Tony Hartman for welcoming me to the Frederator Network.