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SkyGlyderz Episode 2 ‘Open Portal’

The Evil Wizard Dude Vybron tries to use his magic to stop the SkyGlyderz while his sidekick MuttBluug and his sidekick Mainalneed attempt to understand his efforts in eliminating them.

Star Wars Wanted Cards

A few more of the Star Wars Wanted Cards that I created for my animation that will be seen in The Empire Strikes Back: Uncut.

My Relative Wilson D. ‘Pete’ Burness Animator (2nd from right)

Well, Pete really gave me a lot to aim for in my animation career but I strive every day to live up to the legacy he left me. Sorry for me I never met the man, having died the same year I was born. I look at his career with awe only hoping that one day I will reach or surpass some of the goals he set.

As an animator he was probably best known for Mr. Magoo in which he won two Academy Awards. Before that he worked on Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies as well as Rocky and Friends all of these shows being a staple in my childhood.

He also co-wrote and directed 1001 Arabian Nights a feature film about Mr. Magoo. Sorry to say he died of cancer but he will not be forgotten. Thanks Pete for inspiring me daily to become a better artist, animator and person.

My Unconventional Beatboard Didn’t go over so well.

After talking with David Levy about my pitch he gave me some advice to be different in my approach in pitching. So I took his advice and made up this unconventional beatboard. I’m sure if David saw it before it was sent off he would have probably told me that it was all wrong but we all need to learn from our mistakes. Where I thought this Beatboard would be different and interesting the company I was pitching to did not. They said it was confusing, which I agree now, and that they would have rather had just my thumbnail storyboard. So after all that work to make it interesting only ended up confusing everyone. So my advice to you fellow cartoon developers is make your pitch interesting but don’t go as far as trying to put everything and the kitchen sink into your beatboard so as to confuse everyone reading it. Above are the first three pages of the beatboard and I will post more in the next few days.


Never Compete in the Scrum. Want a Long Career? Zig When Everyone Else Zags.  

Behance’s 99U Managing Editor Sean Blanda seems to have caught something in an interview we did that captured a lot of imaginations; I’ve gotten a lot more positive feedback than usual. 

Fred Seibert is the king of downplay. He will be the first to tell you he doesn’t have a ton of skills—that his success is just something that happened to him and wasn’t the result of any calculated plan.

But Seibert can afford the humility, because his work often precedes him. Chances are, if you’ve watched television in the past 20 years, you’ve seen Seibert’s work. The MTV logo? Seibert. Nickelodeon in the late ‘90s? Also Seibert. Nick-at-Nite? Powerpuff GirlsDextor’s LaboratoryAdventure Time? Seibert had a hand in them all.

Seibert was MTV’s first creative director, was tapped to turn around a nascent Nickelodeon in 1985, and then pushed Cartoon Network to develop beyondScooby-Doo reruns. 

The man also has a knack for picking talent, recognizing potential in unproven animators like Pendleton Ward, as well as investing early in Tumblr founder David Karp (where Seibert sat on the company’s board and was one of its first investors, a good place to be for a company that sold to Yahoo! for $1.1 billion).

Now Seibert is diving head first into online-only distribution with his animation studio Frederator, where he’s brewing up his very own House of Cards equivalent to spearhead a new era of animation. We spoke to Seibert in his mid-town Manhattan offices about how he seeks out collaborators, and how he keeps pushing himself into new territory, decades into his career.

(Read the rest here at 99U.) 

Illustration by Stanley Chow

SkyGlyderz Episode 2 ‘Open Portal’

The Evil Wizard Dude Vybron tries to use his magic to stop the SkyGlyderz while his sidekick MuttBluug and his sidekick Mainalneed attempt to understand his efforts in eliminating them.


These are some of the cuts from the made for ADULT SWIM cartoon SKYGLYDERZ which ended up being pitched to Comedy Central. It was about five Hang gliders (*There were six but Emmeril D. Flashlite died during the filming of the Introduction to the show) that decide to fight low level crime.Something I had to draw,animate,voice act,write,lipsync,sfx and everything else in 22 days.

Bill Plympton’s Push Comes to Shove

This is just the first punch of my version of Bill Plymptons classic animation. i hope to have the rest finished by the end of the year. Enjoy. Special thanks to Bill Plympton for giving me the nod on doing my own version of his cartoon.

Bill Plympton’s Push Comes to Shove

Been really busy animating but I thought I’d give you an update on The Punch. I’ve only finished the first punch and it took a lot of time to do but I’m going to try and finish my version by the end of the year as a fun side project. I’ll be uploading this to my YOUTUBE page later today if you would like to check it out. I’ll post a link later today. Thanks Bill Plympton and everyone else for their support.

Nashville’s Broadway

A quick pic from the animated music video for Country Music Artist Grayson. The song is 'Time Machine' and it will hit the music stations later this year.

Nashville Signs

Animating famous signs from Broadway in Nashville for Australian Country Music Artist Grayson.

Paper Model Pickup Truck Version 2.35

So I finished the New Model that I’ll be using in the Music Video ‘Time Machine’ by Country music artist Grayson. There may be a Version 2.4 not sure yet.

Time Machine by Grayson Music Video Update

Quick picture of the setup test for the Grayson Music Video. More to come.

Lip Sync Day!

I’ve been lip syncing Grayson’s song Time Machine for the past day and I am finally finished. It a little tweak here and there but for the most part it’s pretty solid. More shortly and thanks for your support.


A Gifs from the 10 minute pilot episode of Sky Glyderz which was drawn and animated by me in just 22 days. It was quite difficult to get everything put into the animation and animate it exactly the way I wanted in such a limited amount of time. Here’s the link if you would like to check it out.